Largest Manufacturers of Sodium Methoxide solution and other Sodium Alkoxides. We also manufacture Pharmaceutical and Perfumery Intermediates, Specialty Chemicals and Fine Chemicals.
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Nizampura, Baroda - 390 002. India.
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Welcome to the Supra Group of Companies

Supra Group of Companies, namely, Supra Combines, Supra Interchem and Supra Systems.

The flagship company, Supra Combines was started in 1981. It is located in the GIDC, Nandesari, 15 kilometers from the city of Baroda, Gujarat (India). Supra Combines became the pioneer in manufacturing sodium alkoxides from sodium metal. Since 1981 it has achieved tremendous growth and credibility in the market, mainly because of its quality and services. Supra Combines is the largest manufacturers of sodium alkoxides, mainly sodium methoxide (sodium methylate) solution, since 1981. Later it diversified into manufacturing laboratory grade chemical solvents and specialty chemicals.

Supra Interchem is located in Samlaya, 25 kilometers from Baroda, Gujarat (India). It is engaged in manufacturing of pharmaceutical, dyes, perfumery and agrochemical intermediates. Starting in 1993, it has become one of the leading manufacturers of the esters, aldehydes and other specialty chemicals.

Supra Systems is engaged in the trading of various chemicals and solvents. It also sources many specialty chemicals required for research in smaller quantities by many industries.


We have facilities to manufacture chemicals in bulk, pilot or kilogram scale.

Our manufacturing facility consists of –

  1. We have 6 reactors of 2000 lit for the bulk production of our products.
  2. We have 2 reactors or 1000 lit for manufacturing bulk and specialty chemicals.
  3. We have 3 glass assemblies of 50 lit for manufacturing specialty chemicals in kilogram quantities and pilot scale.
  4. We have 1 glass assembly of 20 lit for manufacturing specialty chemicals in kilogram quantities and pilot scale.
  5. We have 2 glass assemblies of 10 lit for manufacturing specialty chemicals in kilogram quantities.

Our Quality Control and R&D facility is very well equipped to develop and test various intermediates and specialty chemicals.


We believe in constant innovation and maintaining exclusivity and hence develop products that require special talent, expertise and care during development and production. At the same time our constant endeavor is to work in a clean and safe manner. We plan to set up a special zone in our premises for catalytic hydrogenation and pressure reactions.


The production capacities of our major products are as follows-

  1. Sodium methoxide solution (on 100% basis) – 160 MT/month
  2. Other sodium alkoxides (on 100% basis) – 50 MT/month
  3. Methyl chloroacetate – 90 MT/month
  4. Isopropyl chloroacetate – 90 MT/month
  5. Ethyl chloroacetate – 90 MT/month

The other products listed in the product list can also be delivered in bulk quantities.

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